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4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (TA)

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The 4th Bn The Yorkshire Regiment (TA) is part of the recently formed Yorkshire Regiment. It was formed by amalgamation of The Tyne-Tees Regiment and The East and West Riding Regiment, with an HQ, Support and 3 Rifle Companies


The 4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment is the most recent incarnation of Yorkshire's Infantry Reserves. The Battalion officially came into being on the 6th of June 2006, the Regimental Day, as the Territorial Army Reserve Infantry Battalion of the Regiment. The Battalion celebrated by rebadging that evening at each TA Centre since it was a drill night (Tuesday) but paraded publically on Saturday 10th June 2006 through the streets of York with a rebadging parade in the Museum Gardens. The inspecting office for the parade was Lt Gen Houghton CBE the first Colonel of the new Regiment.

The Battalion is centred in York with 5 Company Heaquarters (York, Hull, Middlesbrough, Huddersfield and Barnsley) and 5 other outstations around Yorkshire and Cleveland up to the River Tees (Scarborough, Beverley, Leeds, Northallerton, Keighley and Sheffield). There are 10 TA centres in total.

The Battalion provides training and military skills to 495 TA Infantry soldiers (this includes approx 30 female soldiers who are all badged to Corps and fulfil various specialist support roles). On mobilisation, the Battalion provides individual soldiers upto Company groups to support operations which currently include Telic (Iraq), Occulus (Bosnia/Kosovo) and Herrick (Afganistan). The Battalion also provides support, on mobilisation, to the Civil Contingency Reaction Force (CCRF) which is a source of extra manpower to assist the emergency services should they be required.

The Battalion recruits from across the country of Yorkshire and beyond for those living or working further afield. They train on at least one weekend per month, and every other Tuesday evening but most do more - the more you do the more you get paid. Spare time work with a professional attitude married to regular army rates of pay plus an annual (tax free) training bounty ensure TA soldiers get the best of both worlds. For more information visit the official website: The Yorkshire Regiment

The Battalion traces its recent ancestry back through the following Yorkshire units:

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