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4th Regiment Royal Artillery

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4th Regt RA

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The Regiment was formed as 4th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery at Helmieh in Egypt in May 1939, from three batteries drawn from independent commands in India. The batteries were C Battery, F (Sphinx) Battery and G Battery (Mercer's Troop). It was equipped with the 25 pdr MK VP.

World War Two

4th Regiment RHA fired the opening rounds of the campaign in North Africa on 8th December 1940 against the Italians at Sidi Barrani. As part of 7th Armoured Division, the Regiment was involved in numerous subsequent battles in the desert. These included Bardia, the capture of Tobruk, Beda Fomm, Sidi Rezegh and the break out from El Alamein. With the Germans defeated in North Africa, the Regiment returned to England in 1943 to train for the invasion of Europe. It landed in France on 8 June 1944 and saw subsequent action right up until the end of the war.

Cold War

At the end of the war the Regiment remained in Germany until 1948, when it returned to England for a short time before moving to Hohne in 1951. The Regiment comprised of F,G and I Batteries and was equipped with the M44 Self-Propelled gun. M-44 or Priest was one of the first self-propelled pieces used by the Regiment.

On 27th June 1961, the Regiment lost F, G and I Batteries to the newly formed 7 Parachute Regiment RHA, and retitled 4th Regiment Royal Artillery. It gained 29 (Corunna), 88 (Arracan) and 97 (Lawson's Company) as it's batteries, and moved to the Far East where the Regiment saw active service in Borneo before returning to Germany in 1965.

In March 1977, the Regiment replaced 7th Regiment RHA in Aldershot, converting to the Light Gun and adopting the parachute role. It was during this time that the Regiment once again saw active service, on Operation Corporate, the Falkland Islands Campaign, from 20 May to 14th June 1982. Soon after, 4th Regiment RA changed roles with 7 (Para) RHA and moved to Osnabruck. Originally equipped with the M109 155mm Self-Propelled gun in support of 4th Armoured Division, the Regiment has now equipped with AS90 155mm Self-Propelled gun in support of 1 (UK) Armoured Division. The Regiment has served six emergency tours of Northern Ireland in 1972, 1973, 1976, 1991, 1994 and 2003. It also deployed to Bosnia in 1996.

In March 1974, the Regiment was honoured by the conferment of the Honorary Freedom of the County Borough of Sunderland. The close bond with Sunderland began in the 1960s since then the number of men in the Regiment who come from the North East of England has risen to 80%.

Post Cold War

In May 1993, the Regiment was joined by 52 (Niagara) Battery from 45 Regiment RA on disbandment. 29 (Corunna) Battery combined with 3 Battery (47 Regiment RA) to become 3/29 (Corunna) Battery and Headquarters Battery became 94 (New Zealand) Headquarters Batery.

In March 1999, the Regiment deployed to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as part of a NATO peacekeeping force on Operation Agricola. On 12 June 1999, it crossed the border into Kosovo with lead elements of KFOR. It monitored the withdrawal of Serbian Forces and the disarmament of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

In November 2002, the Regiment deployed to Newcastle Upon Tyne to provide cover for the firemen's strike.

In January 2003 the Regiment's guns reinforced 3 RHA's for Operation TELIC. During this time the Regiment was preparing to deploy to Northern Ireland to carry out public order duties over the marching season.

In September 2006 Gnr Samuela Vanua, on attachment to 58 (Eyres) Bty; 12 Regt RA, gave his life on Op Telic. RIP

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