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4 Regt AAC HQ Sqn

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4 Regt AAC
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HQ Squadron was a special AAC unit - it had no helicopters. Under the command of Major Bob Thayer, 'the Fighting Bottle Washers' took the fight to the Iraqis in 1991, often only several miles from the front line. Numerous skirmishes were fought, particularly around the command post tent, the crew of which fell out with each other every day. Despite a lack of actual combat, members of HQ squadron eventually ended up in Kuwait in or around VD (Victory in the Desert)day. Notably, two senior NCOs and one warrant officer were sacked and returned to Middle Wallop during the course of HQ Squadron's deployment. These were the squadron's only casualties (hurt feelings) apart from a corporal who suffered several attacks of cowardice, a lance corporal who had a nosebleed and a warrant officer who reportedly sprained a nostril whilst eating 'babies heads' during a sand storm.