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4 Regiment AAC

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The corps' most handsome regiment, deployed along with 661 Sqn on Operation GRANBY in December 1990.

4 Regiment had about enough aircraft and kit to casevac a couple of guinea pigs and carry a team of circus midgets to the FEBA so they had to rape, rob, bugger and burgle kit from every other regiment and squadron in the corps.

Two 'Groundies' poached from 664 Sqn Minden a signaller and an MT mong were by far the two best looking chaps on the entire deployment, the signaller by a gnat's knacker just taking the trophy.

The Army Air Corps proved themselves to be useless and command was soon handed over from Lt Col Wawn to Lt Col Billy smart ensuring the circus continued to perform.

The Lynx that deployed had two 42" TV boxes Harry blacked to their exhausts that were alledgedly sand filters, but that was probably lies - and an excuse from the BATS for the aircraft being unservicable for so long.

The corps' most effective kills of the conflict came from the RCT and a sceptic called 'Avery'. Bravo the Army Air Corps!

The regiment - when barracked in Al jubayal - lived in a place called Camp Flasheart - possibly a more apt name for our NAAFI moderator. This place consisted of a HLS the size of a football pitch made from containers stacked three high around the perimeter and a couple of portakabins that stunk of chogey piss and let in water.

The regiment had Christmas day in camp and as soon as we started to enjoy ourselves and began to raise a smile the RSM was ordered to stamp out the morale and make us miserable again. This failed as I vaguely remember raising a grin on Boxing day evening.

4 Regt AAC
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