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412 Amphibious Engineer Troop RE(V)

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412 Amph Engr Tp RE(V) is a TA Troop which is part of a Regular Army Squadron, 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron RE with all the advantages and disadvantages that that involves. The Troop was formed in 1996 and is the only fully formed TA unit based in Germany. They are trained on the M3 Amphibious bridging and ferrying equipment, providing 1/3 of the Army's amphibious capability.

The Troop was deployed as part of 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron on Operation TELIC and were the first to use the M3 on operations, providing a 12 day ferry crossing point on the Shatt Al Basrah, in support of 3 Commando Brigade, crossing point ANNA.

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