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40th Regiment Royal Artillery

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Regimental ORBAT

Regimental History


25 Pounder - on display in Larkhill.

40th Regiment Royal Artillery was formed in Dortmund on April 1st 1947, as part of a major re-organisation of the Royal Artillery. It was formed primarily from 60th (West Riding) Regiment Royal Artillery. At this time the Regiment consisted of 78 Battery, 109 Battery and 129 (Dragon) Battery. It was equipped with the famous 25 Pounder field gun.

The Regiment served in Dortmund until 1954, when it deployed to the Suez Canal Zone during the Suez Crisis. Immediately afterwards in 1955, the Regiment deployed again to carry out counter insurgency operations against the EOKA terrorists in Cyprus.

In March 1958 the Regiment returned to West Germany to a new location in Munster. It also replaced 78 Battery with 38 (Seringapatam) Battery, and 109 Battery with 137(Java) Battery. More change followed when in 1965 the Regiment moved to Bulford, it was redesignated a Light Regiment and equipped with the 105mm Pack Howitzer. Between 1965 and 1966 the Regiment deployed to Borneo and was engaged in defeating the Indonesian infiltration.

Abbot - complete garbage.

In 1969 the Regiment moved back to West Germany, this time to Gutersloh, and became a field Regiment once again, equipped with the Abbot 105mm Self propelled Gun. During the time the Regiment was stationed in Gutersloh, it deployed to Northern Ireland three times, in 1973, 1975 and 1977. The Regiment took under command 49 (Inkerman) Battery over the period February 1977 to March 1981.

In March 1981 the Regiment moved to Colchester and was equipped with the 155mm FH70 Field Howitzer. On moving to the United Kingdom, 49 (Inkerman) Battery was located in Colchester. During this time two Batteries conducted tours of Belize and three Batteries served in the Falkland Islands.


In April 1985 the Regiment moved to Hohne, West Germany, and re-equipped with the 155mm M109 Self Propelled Howitzer. It also took under command 10 (Assaye) Air Defence Battery, who were equipped with the Javelin Missile System.

M109 - not as cramped as Abbot
- but still crap.

The Regiment deployed to the Gulf in October 1990 as part of 7th Armoured Brigade, and fought in Iraq and Kuwait before returning to Hohne in March 1991. On January 11th 1993, the Regiment reorganised again as a result of 'Options for Change'. This resulted in the departure of 10 (Assaye) Air Defence Battery who joined 47 Regiment Royal Artillery, and the arrival of 6/36 (Arcot 1751) Field Battery. The consequence of this was that all four gun batteries now in the Regiment had originally been raised in India, and were involved in the Siege of Seringapatam in 1799. At the same time Headquarters Battery was redesignated 49 (Inkerman) Headquarters Battery.

In October 1994 the Regiment handed over its M109 Howitzers to the Austrian Army prior to its re-equipping with the 155mm AS90 Self Propelled Howitzer. Full Conversion to AS90 and the BATES Command and Control system was delayed by three months as the Regiment deployed to Northern Ireland as the Girdwood Roulemont Battalion in 1995.

The Radar Troop deployed to the former Yugoslavia between September 1994 and March 1995 as part of Operation Grapple. In January 1996 the Radar Troop deployed again to Bosnia, this time as part of IFOR along with fifty other members of the Regiment who were attached to 26 Regiment Royal Artillery.

AS90 - serious business.

In July 1997 the whole Regiment deployed to Bosnia for six months as part of SFOR. When the Regiment returned to Hohne, the Gun Group of 129 (Dragon) Battery was caderised, leaving only the Battery Tactical Group on the Regimental ORBAT. The Radar Troop was also caderised. In July 1998 the Regiment arms-plotted to the United Kingdom and took over Alanbrooke Barracks at Topcliffe, North Yorkshire.


From July 1999 to January 2000 saw the Regiment deployed on Op PALATINE in Bosnia again as part of SFOR. During this period 129 (Dragon) Battery was reformed. In July 2001 the Regiment again deployed to the Balkans with 6/36 (Arcot 1751) Battery going to Kosovo and 129 (Dragon) Battery in Bosnia.

In 2003, the Regiment deployed to Iraq on Op TELIC 2 and set about nation-building as opposed to war-fighting. Subsequent tours followed.

The Regiment is due to Arms Plot shortly to Northern Ireland with the rest of 19 Light Brigade. It is deploying to Afghanistan in 2009 as part of Op HERRICK.

The Pipes & Drums

Pipes and Drums.
Looks like a good swan.

The Regiment is very lucky to have its own 'Pipes & Drums'. The band has a very busy schedule and regularly plays at venues up and down the country.

The Pipes and Drums currently has a former member of the band as an instructor at the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming in Edinburgh, this sees the first ever Gunner instructor at the Piping School... ever!

The band is always on the lookout for budding musicians who would like to give the Pipes or Drums a try - this includes complete novices! All that is required is enthusiasm and a keen interest, the Pipe and Drum Majors will help you with the rest.

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