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3rd Shock Army

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In the days of the Cold War 3rd Shock Army was the Soviet formation that sat on the other side of the IGB. The bad guys, the Soviet hordes and proof that "Quality may be better than quantity, but quantity has a quality all of it's own".

No matter how many prep talks the officers gave you, how stiff the upper lip and how strong the British spirit, grit and determination was, it never quite got rid of the slight nagging feeling that 1 x British Corps vs 1 x Soviet Army wasn't exactly cricket.

On the plus side intelligence assessments were not particularly hard work - "advancing West" covered most of it.


By 1988 the 3rd Shock Army, based at Madgeburg, consisted of:

  • 7th Guards Tank Division - Rosslau, GDR: with T-80, BMP-2, BTR-80, and SA-15
  • 10th Guards Tank Division - Altengrabow, GDR: with T-80, BMP-2, BTR-80, and SA-15
  • 12th Guards Tank Division - Neuruppin, GDR: with T-80, BMP-2, BTR-80, and SA-15
  • 47th Guards Tank Division - Hillersleben, GDR: with T-80, BMP-2, BTR-80, and SA-15
  • 3rd Shock Attack Helicopter Regiment - Parchim, GDR: 40 MI-24, 20 MI-8E
  • 304th Artillery Brigade - Burg, GDR: 96 2S5 (24 per battalion)
  • 3rd Shock SSM Brigade: 18 SS-1c (SCUDb) launchers
  • 3rd Shock Rocket Regiment: 54 BM-21 (18 per battalion)
  • 3rd Shock Engineer Brigade: 20 TMM, 12 MTU, 36 PMP, 24 GSP, 28 K-61, 12 BTM, 3 GMZ, 3 MTK
  • 36th Pontoon Bridge Regiment - Dalgow, GDR: 4 TMM, 108 PMP, 8 K-61, 3 BTM
  • 3rd Shock SAM Brigade: 27 SA-4 (9 per battalion)
  • 3rd Shock Air Assault Battalion: 17 BMD, 9 SA-14/16, 6 AGS-17, 8 120mm mortars
  • 3rd Shock Spetznaz Battalion: up to 30 teams, 5-12 personnel per team
  • 3rd Shock Reconnaissance Battalion:

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