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3 Para Mortar Platoon

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Another unforgettable day on the ranges

Unit Motto: Take us in the rear and we'll give you a good spanking.

Rumours of strange goings on in 3 Para Mortars date back to the 1980s when a member was found to be supplementing his meagre military salary by working as a 'rent boy'. Oh how the rest of the army laughed! Oh how The Parachute Regiment clapped their hands to their heads and wished the ground would swallow them up!

Since those halcyon days, the boys from mortars have become synonymous with all things gay. It's all good fun-poking of course, but it is the perfect example of one singular event having extremely long mileage.

However it may not all be in the past. With the Parachute Regiment deployment to Afghanistan it was only a matter of time till their deviancy made the papers. After a heated firefight, a member of the mortars' platoon said: "The Taliban took us from the rear and we gave them a good spanking." Nice to see the unit motto quoted in the press.

Article here. Please take note of the repeated references to the 'enemy's backyard' ... not that we're inferring anything you understand!