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3 Close Support Regiment RLC

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3 Logistic Support Regiment is based at Dalton Barracks in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Part of 1 Mechanized Brigade, the Regiment is responsible for a variety of logistical support roles, that primarily involve supply and transport.

Located just of the A34, with easy access to the UK's motorway network, the Regiment is ideally situated. Previously an RAF station, it is now home to both 3 & 4 Logistic Support Regiments.

The former aircraft hangars are well suited to their current role of housing the Regiment's Squadrons. The Regiment has three main Squadrons; 21, 31 and 32 Squadron and 35 Headquarters Squadron, all supported by a REME Light Aid Detatchment.

An ethnically diverse unit, 3 Logistic Support Regiment has 29 different ethnic groups, soldiers who practice over a dozen different religions and is 11% female. Of this diverse mixture, over 350 of the Regiment's soldiers are married and occupying services families' accommodation.

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