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32nd Regiment Royal Artillery

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32 Regt RA Website

Regimental ORBAT

Based in Roberts Barracks, Larkhill, 32 Regt RA are the only Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Regiment which currently operates with Phoenix within the Army. As part of 1st Artillery Brigade, their mission is to:

  • Provide military capability in the form of four UAV Batterys, a HQ Battery and REME Workshop with supporting elements, in accordance within their readiness state.
  • Be prepared to deploy, within their readiness state, all or part of the Regiment worldwide as part of NATO, National or Coalition Force to conduct operations across the spectrum of conflict.
  • In order to contribute to the Land Component of the UK’s military capability, this mission requires them to maintain a high level of preparedness in their primary role as a UAV Regiment. They are also be prepared to deploy worldwide from time to time in other roles such as peace support operations in Cyprus or Internal Security duties in Northern Ireland.

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