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31 (City of London) Signal Regiment (V)

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A TA unit with spread out satellite squadrons who's current role is in support of UK Operations under 2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade.

  • RHQ - Southfields
  • 5 Sqn - Banbury
  • 41 Sqn - Couldson
  • 56 Sqn - Eastbourne
  • 83 Sqn - Southfields

A good bunch of people at the unit from various backgrounds. Advise avoid the oxygen thieves called Officers. RHQ Excellent location for parking if going into London on a jolly or work. Near Centre Court for the tennis at Wimbledon.

However sadly, the Report on the Strategic Review of the Reserves (2009) will result in the Regt ceasing to exist as of 1st April 2010. Some elements of the Regt will survive:

  • 83 Sig Sqn becoming 831 Sig Tp of 47 (Mx Yeo) Sig Sqn at Uxbridge
  • 5 Sqn becomes 5 Tp of 1 (RBY) Sig Sqn at Bletchley
  • 41 Sqn joins the Strategic UK Regt (37 or 38?)
  • 56 Sqn joins 39 (Skinners) Sig Regt