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Second Man On The Balcony

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This was me in 1980...

This is in fact not a fictional figure. It refers to the Iranian Embassy siege on the 5th May 1980 where the British SAS (or 'Them') kicked arse good style. The operation was launched via a roof and front (and rear) facing assault. The well publicised assault was made from the roof with troopers abseiling down onto one of the balconies on the front of the embassy. Every snooker fan in the country watched the SAS troopers blow their way in. Subsequently every pub walt in the country has claimed either:

  • To have actually been that second man on the (hic) balcony.
  • To know, and is indeed bezzers with the (burp) second man on the... balcony.
  • To have the (hic burp) address of the second... man... on... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So next time you see a lone man sitting in the corner of the pub, with rolly in his mouth and long droopy 'tache, why not ask him? And then once he has told you his story, ask him to 'Storm the pub regiment style' in five minutes. Get a pint and sit and watch the fun. It's better than watching England lose at footy again.

Operation Nimrod Jan Leeming looked good.