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2 Logistic Support Group RLC(V)

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2 Log Sp Gp are a deployable HQ unit whose main role is to support ARRC. The unit is full of thrusting SO3's, climbing the greasy pole, SO2's and life expired old duffers who view any Young Officer as a new object to bore to death in the Officers Mess bar with stories of "When I was in the RCT". Most of these old duffers end up in the RLCs Elephants grave yard (See 495 Movement Support Squadron and 496 Movement Support Squadron) It is worth noting that most aspiring Commanding Officers do a stint in 2 Log Sp Gp.

2 Log Sp Gp also has a wonderful item of silverware known as the Silver Beaver but normally referred to as the wanking ferret. Which as the name suggests is a large silver Beaver holding a twig in a rather frustrated manner.