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29th Commando Regiment Royal Artillery

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29 Cdo Regt RA Website

Regimental ORBAT

29 Commando Regiment is the Close Support Artillery Regiment that supports 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. Formed in 1962 the Regiment is based in the Royal Citadel, Plymouth and has a detached gun battery at Arbroath and an observation battery in Poole. 3 Commando Brigade is a light amphibious infantry brigade that specializes in amphibious operations as well as mountain and cold weather warfare and equally operates at the other extreme of temperature in the desert and the jungle. 29 Commando Regiment provides the Brigade with offensive fire support coordinating fire from the Regiment's own 105mm Light Guns, Mortars, Naval Gun Fire and Close Air Support.

Visit the web site for a more personal look at the Regiment from the guys who have served and are still serving with this small but proud Regiment. Back to The Royal Artillery.

Plans are being formulated for the 50th anniversary of the conversions to the Commando role. These celebrations will take place in Plymouth in July 2012.