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280 Movement Control Squadron

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Regional Movement Control Territorial Army Unit

280 Movement Control Squadron RLC (V) is unique in that if is the only Regional TA Movement Control Squadron in the British Army. It recruits mainly in the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire area and is located in the Swindon TA Centre. 280 MC Sqn forms part of 162 Movement Control Regiment, a National RLC TA Regiment based in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The Army moves by Road, Rail, Sea and Air and we are the Army's Logistic specialists. Alongside our regular army colleagues we plan, direct and monitor the movement of personnel, vehicles and equipment to areas of operation and major exercises all over the world. We regularly train with our regular colleagues and members of the regiment are often called to assist on major exercises or in support of operations in the major UK logistic headquarters. Members of the unit have recently served on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the major operations since the Falkland's conflict.

The role of the Squadron is diverse and in addition to supporting operations, personnel from the unit have travelled the world supporting exercises, often to countries such as Kenya, Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Jordon and Egypt to name a few. We are a busy Regiment with training events every month which include specialist logistics training, military skills and leadership training. But it's not all about soldiering; we enjoy an active sporting and social life too. Recently the unit has been skiing in the Austrian mountains, Sailing and Hill Walking in the French Pyrenees mountains.

The Squadron is actively recruiting male and females from all walks of life now to train as Movement Operators, but there are also opportunities to train as Drivers, Mechanics, Communications Specialists, Chefs and Administrators. Joining 280 Movement Control Squadron Royal Logistic Corps (Volunteers) is a challenge that will reward you not only financially but with better skills and the satisfaction of working with the latest technology in a professional friendly team alongside our regular army colleagues.

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Get in touch

You don't need to sign up to come and have a go. Visit us on any training night. If you like it, come and join us; if you don't, you'll know a bit more about the TA.

If you want to know a bit more about us first, just ask at your local Army Careers Office.


Every Tuesday 7-9pm

Where to find us:

TA Centre
Yeomanry House
Church Place

Tel: 07500 987642


Come out of the Railway station into Station Road, turn right and walk for 650m until you reach Church Place. The TA centre is on the left- and right-hand side of the road on the junction with Park Lane.

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