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24 Regiment RLC

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Based in Bielefeld, this is a Regiment full of Movement Controllers and some Postal & Courier Operators and is a very small regiment by anyone's standards. As well as controling all Movement within Europe the Regiment has frequent responsibilities in support of operations such as Op Telic & Herrick.

The central Air Booking Centre in Germany is located here and all military air bookings are performed there.

The Regiment is divided into the following sub-units:

  • A, X & Y Troop - Based in Bielefeld - Performs Europe wide movement and exercise co-ordination.
  • B Troop - Hohne - Supporting Hannover Airhead
  • C Troop - Munster - Supporting Munster Osnabruck Airhead

Mission of Movements.

To get the right men and materials to the right place at the right time in the right order by the most cost effective means to the satisfaction of commanders at all levels.