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218 Signal Squadron

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Resident 8 Infantry Brigade squadron based at Ballykelly Penal Colony, Londonderry.

Shackleton Barracks an ex-WW2 naval bomber base endures freak snow showers and thunderstorms followed by blazing sunshine at least ten times a day. This place can make any Gore-Tex garment quake in fear.

Running around the camp is a bit of a lottery. You either have the wind behind you giving you a top speed of 50mph or you run on the spot for 40 minutes. Natural hazards such as loose guard dogs, plummeting parachutists and grass cutting gazelles all add to the fun of what is a top posting.

Ballykelly itself is an inbreeders haven whose whole village life centers around Tommy`s Chip Shop (voted the best in NI) and despite what the sign says his Fish 'n' Chips (local term Fish Supper) are crap, he must of bought off the judges or threatened to kneecap their kids (local negotiation technique).

Ballykelly also has no cat population due to the village having a KFC drive through, what a bizzare place to put a fast food restaurant! What were they thinking?