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218 (East Riding) Transport Squadron RLC(V)

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218 Transport Squadron RLC (V) Middleton Barracks Calvert Lane Hull HU4 6BN Tel: 01482 354278

The primary role of this unit is to provide qualified and effective drivers to man the current service vehicle the DROPS MMLC. Subsequent roles are available within this unit (such as radio operator, chef, SHQ Storeman etc) however becoming a driver is the main aim. Drill nights are conducted on Wednesday nights between 19:30 and 21:30 (Thats 7:30pm and 9:30pm) to which everyone is welcome to visit.

The squadron is broken down into multiple troops:

RTTT (Regimental Trade Training Team): The role of this troop is to ensure that new recruits are introduced into Army ** by attending a multitude of weekends. If a recruit wishes to join the TA after attending a 'Look at Life' weekend, then they will be given attestation by the PSAO and from there on will be paid to attend future weekends. For more information see recruit training.

RRTT (Regimental Recruit Training Team): The primary role of this troop is to familarise newly qualified soldiers (straight out of CMSR) to be able to drive and operate the DROPS MMLC and the wide variety of vehicles within the Army. Such as the Landrover 90/110 variants, Laydaf 4-tonne, Bedford 4-tonne, Bedford 8-tonne, Fork-lift rough terrain and the current Harley Davison 350 motorcycle.

SHQ Stores (Squadron Headquarter Stores): The primary role of this troop is to provide personal kit issue to all current soldiers within the squadron and to also maintain the various items of equipment used for the variety of exercises from items such as tentage to weapons.

Task Troop: Dealing with the planning an execution of various training exercises, such as FTX (Field Training Exercises). Members of the unit will enter this troop upon completion of all sufficient training from RTTT (I.e. Qualifed B3 Drops Drivers) This is the section where many people are able to gain promotion from Pte to LCpl and above.