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207 (City of Glasgow) Battery

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207 Bty was formed from elements of 278 (Lowland) Field Regt, 279 (Glasgow & Ayrshire) Field Regt and 445 (lowland) LAA regt

278 (LOWLAND) FIELD REGT the regt traced its history from the formation of medlothian volunteer company & the 1st Edinburgh city volunteer company in 1859. The regt & it's neighbour 57th medium regt, fought with distinction through two world wars merging as 278 field regt in 1961, on the 1st of april1967, 278 field regt was reformed into D troop of 207 (Scottish)light air defence bty, at dalmeny st Edinburgh. 207 bty has had the honour, since 1969, of continuing the tradition started by it's Edinburgh antecedents of firing Royal Salutes from Edinburgh castle.

279 (GLASGOW & AYRSHIRE) FIELD REGT 279 regt was the last formed field regt serving in the west of Scotland & was itself an amalgamation of 279 field regt & 280 field regt, whose antecedents units were in the Lanarkshire Artillery volunteers and Ayrshire & galloway volunteers both formed in 1859 although volunteer gunner units were raised during napoleonic wars & madded 32pr. smooth bor guns for costal defence. gunners of 280 regt served in Gallipoli & Egypt in 1914-18 & with 52 (lowland) div in 1938-45. 279 regt serviced in Mesoptamia, Palestine & Egypt. during 1914-18 and in 1939-45 after service with 52 (lowland) div, it sailed with it's line regt, 130 field regt from Glasgow in 1942 to join the 14th indian div. 279 & 280 field regt's amalgamated in august 1955 & later in april, 1967 form part of 207 (Scottish) light air defence bty based in Glasgow.

445 (LOWLAND) LAA REGT although this regt had most distinguished forebears in the 5/8 battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) & the 7 (Blythswood) battalion HLI, the gunner history began in 1938 with the rebadging of these units into the Royal Artillery, becoming 56 search light regt and 83 (Blythswood) HAA regt respectively. three new regt's were raised at the same time: 74 (City Of Glasgow) HAA regt, 57 searchlight regt & 18 LAA regt. these regt's served in most theatres of the 1939-45 world war. 18 LAA regt obtained & held the record for the number of enemy planes shot down in North African theatre of operations. in 1947, the regt's were reformed in the Territorial Army as two LAA regt's and two HAA regt's which after a series of amalgamations, become 445 LAA regt - the divisional LAA regt for the lowland div. 445 LAA regt became the sponsor unit forbfor the new 207 (Scottish) light air defence bty formed on 1st april 1967 and together with elements of 279 (Glasgow & Ayrshire)field regt, formed BHQ & C troop of the new bty.

207 (SCOTTISH) AIR DEFENCE BATTERY in the years from 1969 TO 1986, the bty became known as 207 (Scottish) air defence bty, forming part of 102(Ulster & Scottish) air defence regt, and was equiped with the 40/70 LAA gun until 1978-79, when the bty converted to blowpipe air defence missile system. on the 25th aug 1982, the lord provest of the City Of Glasgow, conferred the name "CITY OF GLASGOW" TO C TROOP OF 207 (Scottish) air defence bty

207 (CITY OF GLASGOW) AIR DEFENCE BATTERY RA (V) on the formation of 105 (Scottish) air defence regt RA (v) on 1st april 1986 the bty title became 207 (city Of Glasgow) AD bty RA (v). this brought all elements of the bty to one location within the City Of Glasgow and as senior Bty within the regt the missile troops became A & B troop. in 1987 the bty changed its weapon system & converted to the Javelin AD missile system. to keep up to date with changes and developements within the air defence world, in 1992 the bty converted to S15 AD missile system. on the agalgamation in 1993 of 105 (Scottish) & 102 (Ulster) air defence regt's the bty reverted back to C & D troop with BHQ & C troop located in glasgow & D troop co-located with regt HQ in Edinburgh. in 1998 the teritorial army was reviewed by the ministry of defence in the process entitled the strategic defence review. on conclusion of the review the bty continued in it's present form & was able to secure a new location for D troop. on 1st july 1999 D troop became established in the territorial army centre formerly used by D company KOSB Located in motherwell.

At one point (1991 ish) known to (possibly) have the best chef in the army in unit.I believe he was a chef for a major defence contractor or Airplane manufacturer.Scran of the highest order!.

A Bty of 105 Regt RA(V)

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