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1 Regiment AAC

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Part of the Army Air Corps, Currently based in Gutersloh

Land of the loaded, gobby, beer soaked, loons that are always first to the bar and last out. Seen on career courses complaining that no other students are going on the lash, would rather eat their own feaces than go home to see their Mum during the weekends during the afore mentioned career courses. Most of the fighting first have now got used to hairy German ladies. So find it a bit off putting if they are not faced with a front bottom that looks like Brian May's plughole,

1 Regt sweats remember Hildesheim (Daves Bar(or Bier Pub an der B6), The Pille, Guiabos Nightclub in Himmelstur), Nigs cant remember Sammy's Bar, those in between cant remember the 90's.

Noted now for The Ranch. SSHHHHH! That would be telling.

1 Regt AAC
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