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1 (Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron (Special Communications)

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1 Signal Squadron

Provides ICS and command support to other governmental departments, both UK and worldwide and to implement Business Continuity Plans in times of crisis in order to facilitate the collection and dissemination of national information.

The Squadron consists of both Regular and Territorial Army(TA) personnel

The Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry fought at Kohima during WW2 as 99 Assault Field Regiment RA. They were part of the ORBAT for the British 2nd Division

The 2009 Review of the Reserves sees both the role and the Orbat of the Sqn changing. Notably it will inherit 5 (QOOH) Sig Sqn and 60 (RBH) Sig Sqn from 31 and 36 Sig Regts respectively, both Sqns subsequently becoming Tps.

The Sqn will become of the new UK Strategic Communications Regt, which was formerly 38 Sig Regt, the new regiment is headquartered in Sheffield and comprises of four squadrons:

  • 1 (Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron (Special Communications)
  • 2 (City of Dundee) Signal Squadron
  • 41 Signal Squadron, Coulsden
  • 64 (West Riding) Signal Squadron