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1 (BR) Corps

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1st (British) Corps was the main British contribution to NATOs forces facing the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War. The Headquarters of 1 (BR) Corps was in Ripon Barracks, Bielefeld and was so large that in the field it was supported by three Signal Regiments (7th Signal Regiment, 14th Signal Regiment & 22 Signal Regiment), an RCT Transport Squadron (14 Sqn RCT) and a whole company of Pioneers as Guard Force.

For most of it's existence in Germany the Corps consisted of four Armoured Divisions, each comprising of three Armoured Brigades.

1st Armoured Division was based in Verden.

2nd Armoured Division was based in Bunde.

3rd Armoured Division was based in Soest.

4th Armoured Division was based in Herford.