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Major Events

The following major events took place in 1984:

  • The clock struck 13.
  • On December the 3rd, British Telecom is privatised.
  • WPC Yvonne Fletcher is shot dead outside the Libyan Embassay.

Military Events

The following military events took place in 1984:

  • On March 5, Iran accuses Iraq of using chemical weapons which the United Nations then condemns the use of... 25 days later on March 30.
  • Chatham Dockyard in Medway, is closed after being used a shipbuilding yard for over 400 years since the reign of King Henry VIII.

Not So Major Events

The following not-so-major events took place in 1984:

  • Comedian Tommy Cooper drops dead at the Royal Variety Show.
  • Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen loses his arm in a car accident.

Ironic Events

  • Labour party accuse Thatcher government of introducing a 'police state'.

Not Even That Interesting or Indeed Relevant Events

  • Mrs. Edith Gronks' cat dies aged 7. Milk cancelled.