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Major Events

The following major events took place in 1978:

  • 15 February: Rhodesia's prime minister Ian Smith and 3 black leaders agree on the transfer to black majority rule.
  • 25 July: Louise Brown, world's first test tube baby, born at Oldham General Hospital.

Military Events

The following military events took place in 1978:

  • 18 January: The European Court of Human Rights finds the United Kingdom government guilty of mistreating prisoners in Northern Ireland, but not guilty of torture.
  • 14 March: Israeli forces invade Lebanon in Operation Litani.
  • The year Glad its all over made the leap from STAB to ARAB. January was bloody freezing in Catterick and the young Glad was surprised to see Bren guns and 37 pattern webbing, having come from a NATO-roled TA infantry battalion.