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Major Events

The following major events took place in 1974:

  • 3 January: It Ain't Half Hot Mum premieres on BBC.
  • 28 February: General election, dead heat, but Wilson becomes Prime Minister anyway.
  • 6 April: ABBA wins the Eurovision Song Contest, providing Australian drag artists with a lifetime of work.
  • 27 November: British government enacts the Prevention of Terrorism Act in response to murdering IRA bastards.

Military Events

The following military events took place in 1974:

  • 10 March: Japanese soldier Hiroo Onada surrenders in the Philippines after 29 years hiding in the jungle.
  • 18 May: Operation Smiling Buddha, India explodes its first nuclear weapon.
  • 17 July: IRA bombs Tower of London, murdering 1 and injuring 41.
  • 20 July: Turkish troops invade Cyprus.
  • 5 October: IRA plants bombs in 2 Guildford pubs, murdering 5 people and injuring 65.
  • 7 November: IRA murders 2 in Woolwich pub bombing.