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1914 Star

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1914 Star

Awarded to British Forces who served in France & Belgium between 5th August & 22nd November, 1914. Instituted in 1917 whilst the war was still in progress, a clasp was authorised in 1919 for all those who had actually been 'under fire' during the above time period. Over 365,000 1914 or ‘Mons’ Stars were issued, with 145,000 clasps.

It is advisable to check the Medal Index Card to verify the issue of a clasp, as many 1914 Stars had the clasp un-officially added. Rosettes may sometimes be found stitched to the ribbon. This situation arose from some soldiers wrongly assuming that the rosette signified the issue of a 1914 Star to make it more distinctive than it’s successor - the 1914-15 Star; when in fact, the rosette signified the award of the clasp when only the ribbon was worn.

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