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1715 Jacobite Rebellion

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The '15' - The first of the inept attempts by the Stuart Dynasty to seize back the British Crown.

James III of England and VII of Scotland, who may have been the son of James II & VI (or was brought into the birthing chamber in a warming pan to replace the stillborne legitimate heir, Sven was around even in those days), went down badly with TPTB because he was born and would be brought up a Catholic. So, instead, we had William and Mary, and Anne, all good Protestants but not too good at the "producing surviving heirs" bit.

The accession of George I 'caused problems - people make a big thing of him not speaking English but I can't see how this would have affected the Highlanders, most of whom still spoke Gaelic. Anyway, the Earl of Mar raised a Jacobite army and very nearly won the Battle of Sheriffmuir (near Dunblane - so not too far from Bannockburn, Stirling Bridge and Falkirk - all critical battles in the long history of Scots / English or Scots / British conflict). But Mar left the field too early taking his train-set (sorry, his Army) with him.

His cause already lost, the Old Pretender finally arrived in Scotland a month or so later. That didn't go to well, so he went home to France. They thought he was bad news, so he ran away to Rome, setting the scene for the biggest generator of Scottish kitsch ever, the 45.