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168 Pioneer Regiment RLC(V)

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A disturbing Regiment with a large proportion of scouse soldiers in its ranks. The regiment is part Specialist and part Independant with several squadrons based up near Middlesbrough and the remaining Specialists being based at Grantham.

Potential recruits are attracted to the unit by promises of the use of large power tools and idea of a glamourous career in war grave registration. Others are press ganged by the RITT for a low score on the entrance test.

In its pre ammalagmation days the regiemnt was part of the Royal Pioneer Corps and was based at Simpson Barracks in Northampton. The regiments regular sister unit is 23 Pioneer Regiment RLC. The regiment consists of the following sub units:

  • RHQ
  • 100 Pioneer Squadron
  • 101 Pioneer Squadron
  • 102 Pioneer Squadron
  • 103 Pioneer Squadron
  • 104 Pioneer Squadron

To date the regiment has provided three composite Squadrons for service on Op Telic.