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166 Supply Regiment RLC(V)

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166 Supply Regiment RLC is based at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham. It consists of many diverse squadrons making it fairly uncommon amongst TA Regiments but at risk under SDSR.

These Squadrons are:

166 Supply Regt RLC is a relative new boy to the Specialist scene, however it is now the largest and most diverse regiment in the Corps. It groups various sub- units that previously were stand alone Specialist Squadrons.

Pre SDR 142 Sup Sqn RLC specilised in vehicle storage and distribution whilst its sister Squadron 294 Sup Sqn RLC focussed on general supply. This Regiment had the last 10 Tonne AEC Miliants "Knocker's" in service, the last being scrapped in 2001.

531 Ammo Tech Sqn was formed from the three EOD RLC Sqns in 2000, and now has a wider support task.

710 OHS Sqn was re-named from 710 Laundry Sqn and has moved to 4 troops under FAS. It was last mobilised as 711 & 712 Troops for Op Telic 1. Some members still serve from Op Granby. Role is moving back to supporting Field Hospitals and dropping any CBRN tasks.

The regiment has provided several composite Squadrons and numerous individual soldiers for Op Resolute, Op TELIC and Op HERRICK.