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159 Regiment RLC(V)

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159 Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps, is an Army Reserve unit in the British Army and it is part of 102 Logistic Brigade.

As an Army Reserve Logistic Regiment we are a supply focused unit responsible for the computerised accounting, provisioning, issue, receipt, storage and tracking of all Army Supplies. In this critical role we operate and manage accounts worth millions of pounds and are experts in sustaining the Army on operations, providing a range of items from combat supplies such as ammunition and rations to unmanned aerial vehicle spares.

Our main effort is to provide trained logistic soldiers to support operations, training and Defence Engagement where they work alongside soldiers from the Regular Army, including our partner regiments in 102 Logistic Brigade; 6 Regiment RLC and 7 Regiment RLC.



  • 123 (Supply) Squadron, Telford
  • 125 (Supply) Squadron, Stoke-on-Trent
  • 237 (Supply) Squadron, West Bromwich
  • 243 (Headquarters) Squadron, Coventry
  • 294 (Supply) Squadron, Grantham
  • Burton Detachment, Burton-on-Trent