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151 Logistic Support Regiment RLC(V)

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London based RLC Regiment.Paired to 27 Tpt Regt RLC. Formerly known as 151 (Greater London) Logisitic Support Regiment, retitled as part of FAS in 2006 as 151 (London) Transport Regiment.

Formed in 1967 from elements of 44 Home Counties and 54 East Anglian Transport Columns RASC. In 1993 was recapbadged as part as the formation of the RLC. In 1999 124 Pet Sqn joined the unit.

The Unit consists of:

The units symbol is the gold trident on a red oval which is derived from the old 44 Home Counties Transport Column and is rather bright and gay. The red oval is derived from the origional flash based on the Kenington Oval, where initial HQ of the Division were based. The Trident represents two 4's back to back to form a Trident.

The regiment has deployed soldiers to a number of destinations over the years, notably during Op Telic's 1,2 &3 in Iraq and Op Herricks 5 & 7 in Afghanistan.

UPDATE: In November 2013, 124 PETROLEUM SQN RLC will re-roled to yet another transport squadron.

It's easier to dumb down a unit than to upgrade a regiment !

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