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150 Transport Regiment RLC(V)

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150 Tpt Regt RLC

150 (Yorkshire) Transport Regiment RLC is the only RLC Regiment in Yorkshire, it is equipped with DROPS.

The Yorkshire Waggoners - A Short history


Northumbrian Divisional Train

The Regiment’s direct predecessor was formed in the year 1908 under the title the Northumbrian Divisional Train. It consisted of 1, 2, 3, and 4 Companies, Army Service Corps and was based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Gateshead and Hull respectively. The train saw active service throughout World War 1.


50th Divisional Train

On the 27 November 1918, in recognition of its outstanding service during the Great War, His Majesty King George V conferred the Army Service Corps with the prefix, Royal. Under the Royal Army Service Corps the Train was reorganised in 1919 to become the 50th Divisional Train with companies in Newcastle and Hull.

50th Divisional Train consisted of the following:

467 Company RASC (Divisional Troops)

468 Company RASC (149 Brigade)

469 Company RASC (150 Brigade)

470 Company RASC (151 Brigade)


50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Divisional Column RASC (Territorial Army)

In 1933, as part of the nation’s rearmament programme further reorganisation took place and the unit was once again reorganised to become the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Divisional Column RASC (TA). The unit was mobilised in Hull on 25 August 1939 and moved to the South of England in early October of that year. The Column was organised as follows:

511 Company RASC (Motor Ambulance)

522 Company RASC (Ammunition Company)

523 Company RASC (Petrol Company)

524 Company RASC (Supply Company)

During the Second World War, the Column saw active service in France, Belgium, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Italy and finally in Germany. During the many campaigns personnel in the Column received 4 Military Crosses and 2 Military Medals. The Column remained in Germany for a year after the war under 30 Corps as the Corps Transport Column.


150 (Northumbrian) Division (Territorial Army)

After the War the Column was reformed along with the Territorial Army in 1947 to become part of 50 (Northumbrian) Division (Territorial Army) with 3 companies in Hull and one in Newton Aycliffe. In 1965 on the formation of the Royal Corps of Transport, the unit was redesignated under the title 150 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Corps of Transport Territorial Army.


150 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Corps of Transport (Volunteers)

On reorganisation of the Territorial Army in 1967, the Regimental Headquarters moved form its traditional Headquarters in Walton St Barracks, Hull to its present location under the new title 150 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Corps of Transport (Volunteers). The Regiment was reformed with the 3 Hull based companies merging to produce 218 (East Riding) Squadron Royal Corps of Transport (Volunteers) and 3 further Squadrons were taken under command, 216 (Tyne Tees) Squadron based at Tynemouth, 217 (Northumbrian) Squadron based in Leeds and 219 (West Riding) Squadron based in Doncaster.

1983 to Date

150 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Corps of Transport (Volunteers)

By 1983 the Regiment had been redesignated as 150 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Corps of Transport (Volunteers). On 1 April 1983, 216 (Tyne Tees) Squadron was removed from the Regiment and 523 (Hull) Support Squadron RLC(V) was formed. In early 1985 301 Squadron Royal Corps of Transport (Home Service Force) was formed and came under command of the Regiment with troops located in Hull and Doncaster. 301 Squadron Royal Corps of Transport (Home Service Force) ceased to be part of the Regiment and merged with 300 Squadron RCT at the Army School of Mechanical Transport, Leconfield on 1 January 1988.

In 1993 the Royal Corps of Transport amalgamated to form the Royal Logistic Corps and the Regiment was renamed 150 (Yorkshire) Transport Regiment RLC.


217 (West Yorkshire) Transport Squadron - Leeds

218 (East Riding) Transport Squadron - Hull

219 (South Yorkshire) Transport Squadron - Doncaster

523 (Headquarters) Support Squadron - Hull

216 (Tyne Tees) Transport Squadron was once part of the Regiment but was re-roled and now forms part of 159 Supply Regiment RLC.

The Band


Anyone interested in joining 150 Tpt Regt RLC should follow the links to the Squadrons above. The Regiment is particularly keen to recruit ex-Regular RLC soldiers who have resettled in Yorkshire.