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14 Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare)

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The only EW regiment in the British Army, the regiment has come to rest at Brawdy in South Wales after interim stops at Hullavington and Osnabruck, en route from the original locations at Scheuen, Wesendorf, Langeleben and Taunton Barracks (Celle) in Germany.

Originally formed from a number of troop and squadron-sized units (notably 225, 226 Signal Squadron and 13 Signal Regt) in 1976, the regiment operated in support of 1 (BR) Corps throughout the 1980s until the abrupt demise of the Communist threat, at which point the question "Well, what's it for?" raised its head. In its first 4 years it was all about 9 months of exercises in the field followed by three months of BBQ's and duties. Thank god the exercises were "wet".

This was obviously the wrong question if the answer was "work four-day weeks of pointless fucking around in Brawdy when not on operations". Well, being based in Wales, it does take most English geezers four hours of driving just to get to England. The Scots take even longer. (But who wants to live in Scotland?).

The regiment is let down by a particularly large concentration of attached arms, notably from the Intelligence Corps, which brings an unusual amount of discord and illiteracy to what would otherwise be an elitist unit full of Royal Corps of Signals RD types. Join this unit as a Specialist Operator and you will find yourself overseas at least six months of the year. So don't get married.

This unit is also the home of the Light Electronic Warfare Unit. These geezers are all Para trained etc. and are deployed on a regular basis to provide tactical intelligence to the front line combat units. These guys think they're really special and on passing the course earn the right to have a crap beret and walk round with carpets under their arms.

Appropriately enough, the regiment, deployed as it is closer to Dublin than London, also contains one of the largest concentrations of foreign language linguists in the Army. No doubt this is useful in the fleshpots of Haverfordwest. In 1980, the unit distinguished itself by sending a linguist who was fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese to NI when he requested a posting to Hong Kong.

It's worth noting that the existence of the regiment almost certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with the collapse of the Evil Empire, despite frequent Ex. Foxhead and Active Edge deployments to the IGB.