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11th Signal Regiment

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11th Signal Regiment is based at Blandford, Dorset. Soldiers are either posted to or are attached to 11 SR while they under go Phase 2 and 3 training.

The Regiment has 3 Squadrons, each representing a particular trade group. A HQ squadron and the Military Training and Leadership Group (formerly 4 sqn). The White Helmets Display Team also come under 11 SR.

The unit is undergoing major problems in the area of car parking and has suffered a blow to its image becuase they have to wear uniform. 11 SR currently hold the Guinness book of records title of 'highest density of Chavs within a small space'.

Royal Signals Chav - Combat Indicators

Beret 5 sizes too small and Jimmy over the left ear in SF style. SAS or Para Smock typically 5 sizes too big. Often so worn out that even Age Concern would throw it away. When given responsability, said Chav will then crumble with Vicky Pollard type chatter.