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10 Regiment RCT

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10 Regt RCT was based in Caterick Bks in Bielefeld, Germany for many years from the formation of the RCT until Sept 1993. It consisted of 9, 17 and 36 Sqns RCT - although 36 Sqn was disbanded after the First Gulf War.

After the formation of the RLC the RHQ element of 10 Regt moved to Aldershot and re-formed the Regt with new Sqns.

The old Sqns of 10 Regt (9 and 17) remained in Germany and formed part of the new 7 Tpt Regt RLC (with 3, 16 and 617 Sqns) as the RHQ of 7 Tank Transporter Regt RLC (formerly RCT) moved into Catterick Bks from their old location in Sennelager.

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