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This is the last time that England was successfully taken by force. The French, Scottish and Spanish made several attempts to invade again but all of these failed. The Glorious Revolution can be considered an armed invasion except that no resistance was offered by the panicing King of the day.

It was a damn close run affair. Harold faced two threats, the Vikings and William the Bastard (later renamed the Conqueror) Harold's army marched North and gave the Vikings a good kicking at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. They then marched back down South to meet William's forces. The Battle of Hastings was a close run affair but finally William prevailed.

900 years later we won the world cup. Something may have happened in the interim period but who cares? We won the world cup!

<sad how you still harp on about it 40 years on ... perhaps you should find a more recent success to bore the rest of us with... cricket nope, rugby nope, soccer ... hell no!>

<What the f**k is soccer?>

<22 guys mincing about a park for 90 mins>