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105 Regt RA(V)

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105 Regt RA(V) Website

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105th Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers) is the only Scottish and Northern Irish Royal Artillery Territorial Army Unit and is equipped with the 105mm Light Gun. Soldiers from the Regiment have recently deployed on operations with 26 Regt RA, 19 Regt RA on Op Telic and 4 Regt RA in Afghanistan.

The Regiment also has the honour of firing twenty-one gun salutes from Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and Hillsborough Castle up to eight times a year. Occasions include the HM The Queen's Official Birthday, the Opening of the General Assembly and sadly, more recently, the forty-one gun salute to honour HM The Queen Mother's Death. In the past the Regiment's gun detatchments have also carried out ceremonial firing duties at Murrayfield International Stadium for International Rugby fixtures.

One of the Regiment's guns used in Royal Salutes is the World famous One O'Clock Gun which is fired from Edinburgh Castle. The District Gunner was Staff Sergeant Thomas McKay MBE - better known as 'Tam the Gun', who fired the One O'Clock Gun for over twenty years. Tam sadly died in 2005 aged 60. The current District Gunner is Sergeant Shannon, also known as 'Shannon the Cannon', and is also supplied by 105 Regt. RA(V).

Regimental ORBAT

- BHQ & A Troop - Newtownards

- B Troop - Coleraine

- BHQ & C Troop - Glasgow

- D Troop - Edinburgh

- BHQ & E Troop - Arbroath

- F Troop - Kirkcaldy

- G Troop - Lerwick (TBC - Reroled Platoon from 7 SCOTS)

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