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104 Regt RA(V)

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104 Regt RA(V) Website

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The role of 104 Regiment is to provide Close Air Defence for NATO troops of the multi national Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, protecting them from attack by enemy aircraft. Previously equipped with Javelin, as of mid 2002 we have been re-equipped with HVM, the Army's latest high tech surface to air missile system.

The Regiment comprises three Missile Batteries, a Headquarters Battery, and a REME LAD (Light Aid Detachment).

Each Missile Battery is made up of two Missile Troops, a Command Post, and a Battery HQ.

The Missile Troops provide the firing detachments responsible for engaging enemy aircraft and helicopters and destroying them with HVM missiles.

The Command Post controls the fire of the Missile detachments and monitor the progress of the Air Defence battle.

Battery HQ supplies the food, fuel, ammunition, missiles and technical support the Battery needs in order to do its job.

- Missile Troop - Cardiff

- Missile Troop - Abertillery

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