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103 Regt RA(V)

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103 Regt RA(V) Website

History from website

History Pre 1955

The Lancashire Artillery Volunteers were first raised in 1859 as 23 companies of Artillery. In Manchester some elements had existed as early as 1804 when the Duke of Gloucester inspected the Heaton Artillery Volunteers. Later on some battalions of the Kings Regiment and the Prince of Wales Volunteers rebadged as Lancashire Gunners.

During the Great War they formed 25 Artillery Brigades or Infantry Battalions and during the Second World War 17 Gunner Regiments. These Regiments had a particularly distinguished record, winning two Victoria Crosses. The Bolton Artillery at Serapeum in February 1915, were the first field artillery Volunteers in the Great War to fire a shell in anger. In both World Wars the Regiments served and fought in all theatres.

History Post 1955

In 1955 there were 33 Territorial Gunner Regiments in the North West of England. In 1967 seven Regiments remained and were amalgamated to form 103rd (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Light Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers), The West Lancashire Regiment (T) RA and The South Lancashire Territorials (Prince of Wales Volunteers) RA. Since its formation in 1967 Officers, Warrant Officers, NCOs and soldiers of 103 Regiment have volunteered and served in support of the Regular Army in Afghanistan,Bosnia, Borneo, Belize, Canada, Kosovo, Kenya, Latvia, Iraq and Northern Ireland.

In 1977 the Regiment changed its designation to 103rd (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers) upon being equipped with BLOWPIPE. Consequent upon the enhancement of The Territorial Army Battery of Home Service Force and a fourth Air Defence Battery was raised. In early 1987 the Regiment converted to JAVELIN. In 1992, as a result of Options for Change, the Regiment lost one Air Defence Battery (213 AD Battery amalgamating with HQ Battery at St Helens), Regimental Headquarters also moved from Deysbrooke Barracks, Liverpool to St Helens to be co-located with 213/HQ Battery.

Post the 2001 re-role to Field Artillery

In 2001 the Regiment was ordered to re-role from Air Defence to Field Artillery as a Light Gun Regiment. The changes have seen the Light Aid Detachment REME (V) move from Widnes to each Battery having its own REME Fitter Section. 213/HQ Battery has gone into suspended animation, 209 Battery split into 2 Troops D Troop in Manchester and G Troop in St Helens and its title is to be 209 (The Manchester and St Helens Artillery) Battery Royal Artillery (Volunteers).

The Regiment's title is 103rd (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers). The role of the regiment is for each of the 3 gun batterys to reinforce AS90 Gun Regiments of 1 (UK) Armoured Division.

103 Regt RA (V) Battery Locations