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.32 ACP

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A small pistol cartridge primarily for use in straght-blowback pistols. Suitable for self-defence by fast-jet pilots against nothing bigger than a small dog, or perhaps an extremely angry marmot.

Used extensively by German forces in WW2 both for officers' self-defence (in the Walther PP, Walther PPK, Browning 1910/22 and other sundry mouseguns) and for slotting people through the back of the neck when they didn't want to take a "shower".

Otherwise known as 7.65x17mm or 7.65mm Browning, and is the little brother of .380ACP, otherwhise known as 9x17mm or 9mm Kurz

There is a story about a French criminal receiving a whole magazine of 7 .32ACP from a MAB pistol when he levelled a .357 Mag at said copper. The surgeons picked 6 bullets from him, but couldn't find the 7th. The copper swore that he hadn't missed one, and went to speak to the guy he'd shot. The criminal's response was "I felt something hit me in the mouth, so I swallowed it". They x-rayed him, and sure enough, there was the last bullet. Apparently it had deflected off his hard palette had stopped without penetrating anything. Even if the story's an urban legend, it's a good one.