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'Lerch' Scheer

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Coldstream Guards

Oh deary me. Where to start. This is evidence - if any were really needed - of what airsofting is really about: mincing, posturing mongdom. Whilst this individual is not technically a walt... sort of, the traits exhibited are surely verging upon it.

Many have suspected for a while that the 'sport' offers the ideal opportunity for happy snaps to wow anyone bored enough to be interested. Here's the proof!

This particular Guards-fixated individual hails from the far Northern dominion of Canada and has a very unhealthy obsession with anything DPM - right down to CBA.

His sole raison d'etre seems to be posing in all his finery - and then proudly posting the images on the Internet for all to enthuse over. So far he's 'portrayed' the Coldstream Guards, Scots Guards and Guards' Platoon of 3 PARA. How thoughtful. I'm sure they're honoured and flattered.

Guards Para

'Lerch' - presumably alluding to his stature and vacant look - is the self-appointed guru of NSNs and all things Brit.

The only thing is that he's the most un-soldierly-looking specimen on the planet, and his efforts are undermined by a basic lack of understanding when it comes to looking totally chod.

Still, it's a funny ol' world, but quite why anyone would willingly expose themselves to ridicule by the very peer group they're supposed to be emulating is anyone's guess.

I'm sure the likes of Jung, Freud and other noted psychologists would be equally baffled at this behaviour.

'Lerch' ol' son. Stop it. Go and find some girls or something and stop wasting your pocket money on plastic SA80s, body armour and desert boots. You're in Canada for fuck's sake!

Even better, go and join up - if they'll have you. You can then apply all your top tips and tactical experience where it's better needed - Afghanistan. Much more of this and you'll be re-categorised as an Infamous Walt.


The word on the street is that our man has either:

  • Joined up, or...
  • Is about to.

Rumour control is that the RCHA will soon be blessed with his presence. If this is indeed the case 'Lerch' do drop us a line and we'll (possibly) bin this entry, as it would be terrible if this stuck to you for the rest of your career. Hugs. x


Can this be our man, wearing a 'cookie cutter' on his beret, and doing basic? Heavens to Betsy I do believe it's the man himself. Well done ol' chap. It won't be long before that blank canvas of a uniform is festooned with all manner of badges and medals and those long winter nights of walting in the woods will seem like a million years ago, and your love affair with the camera will be fully justified.

Lerch on Basic?