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Not used ARRSE before, been out of the Army since 2008!!! after 22 Years. Have exciting news and it can benefit Veterans and serving. I am sure you will pull me apart
Good Evening Sir,
I can see that you're gonged up in the ARRSE style but I don't recall ever crossing words with you?
I notice your user name is 'Whiteman' in the Igbo dialect.
Being recently over in Delta State , Nigeria , to bury my Mother in Law - and hearing this expression/exclaimation every bastard time I was seen, I quickly learned to reply with the Igbo word for 'Blackman' .
Good evening to you too,

I am sorry to hear about your Mother in Law. I hope her family are as well as they can be under the circumstances.

I worked in Nigeria for 10 years includung Warri and Ughelli.

I don't view the term Oyibo as racist - but I certainly had experiences of Nigerians calling for 'white men' to leave which I did find offensive. Was 'dudu' the term you used for black people?