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I am stuck with a dilemma... should I join the army or the police I have an interest in both of them but don't know what to choose I am an 18 year old girl
Hi ,
I recently received back my medical form results back and was rejected due to having a history of parasomnia (sleep walking and night terrors ). But haven’t experienced any of these symptoms well over two years after taking medication for it , for about a month . Whats the best way to prove this in my medical appeal , any help would be great.

Today I have received an email which Ive mentally been preparing myself for where it said I was made PMU therefore rejected. For over a year I had a small recurring problem with my knee which was caused by fluid and irregularity in my patella (worn cartilage). I received physio therapy treatment and with a lot of stretching and strengthening I feel as good as new. How should I go about the appeal?
I was based in Dungannon, brought my dads ashes home, Portrush is outstanding. Family want to live there......having very rich family there might have helped
My cousin, originally from the same street as me on the Shankill Road, married a guy from Sheffield in 1981. They've had enough of the Muslamics, and have moved lock, stock to Portstewart. Sold their house in Sheffield and got a fuckton of money for it. Remember, property in NI is still cheap. My own gaff is in the top three desirable locations in NI. 4 bed detached, £285000.
60s house, so well spaced. 2 bathrooms, with 2 actual baths, and an ensuite in the master. Quiet as the grave round here, full of Police/retired Police.
Hi mate, Belfast is outstanding was there for my holidays
Glad you liked it. I'm from Belfast, moved down the coast as a kid, but now gravitating back up the road. City Centre's taken a bit of a dive of late, if I'm honest, and the Primark Bank Buildings fire doesn't help. Went up for pints and Sky Football a couple of weeks back. I was a bit shocked, at around 1300, to see people knackered on that Spice shit just lying in shop doorways.
Distinct from the homeless folk, as they had no sleeping bags etc. Bit of a shocker, to tell you the truth.

My 21 yr old son is wanting to join the Army, as a child he had history of asthma, but no problems now.

Will this be a disadvantage, may his past condition cause problems
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and I've not failed an degree module ever. even in my ou one and I took more modules than I needed with them.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE="Tired_Tech, post: 6907135, member: 131949"]I've failed a module outright, failed a module but passed a resubmission of the EMA and have had to stop a module mid-flow and restart the next year.[/QUOTE]
I will concede that some seriously heavy drinking went on, myself included. However I was fortunate in not coming across anyone in my working environment who was drunk at work.
Is there a way to leave the army before your 4 years service, looking at going over to the RN but been told I have to leave the army first?