Zune 32 GB Wireless Media Player..

Bought one of these in the PX at Garmisch last week as it looks the dog's,has loads of features and is not trapped in Itunes.

However I'm having a right job downloading the software to sync it. I'm hoping its my old lap-top thats at fault but if its not Euro-enabled etc then I face a 7 hour drive to get my geld back.

Anyone else got one or can give me advice??

Yes. As Zune is a US only device, set your regional and language settigns to US English and a US time zone. Reboot and plug in the Zune and it should drag down the appropriate software.
new windows 7 phones have all the zune features built in, not the answer you were looking for i know but handy to know if you like the zune system if/when in the future you upgrade your phone
Ive tried all sorts of options and keep getting an error message ending in "not a valid Win32 application".

Old lap-top at fault or Zune software itself??

I'm jinxed when it comes to this sort of stuff.....
What operating system are you running on your laptop? XP, Vista or W7?
It may be you have downloaded and tried to install the x64 version of the Zune software. Download the correct version from here:
Download Zune software | Zune.net - Zune software
If you have XP on your laptop then you WILL need 32bit version (I doubt very much you have the XP 64bit version).
Its XP (5 years old). I'm in Germany, but the software says that the UK version is also Europe wide....

I'll try it on a friend's computer over the weekend.

Thanks for your help again mate.
I solved the problem and it was really quite simple in the end: I went out and bought a new Acer Aspire Lappie :)

Only trouble now is that the Zune stuff thinks I'm in America. How do I get the UK music,videos etc?
Good news.

Zune (microsoft) have now introduced a UK marketplace. No more faffing about with changing your computer's location and trying to get a Zune pass for America. Movies,music etc all available over here now.

Its mega. Go check it out.

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