Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nimbus, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. I was disappointed to discover that (apparently) at no point during a Zumba activity is a burning newspaper clenched between ones buttocks.
  2. I was disappointed to discover that none of the hippos doing Zumba looked like the birds on the posters, but hey ho.
  3. Why were you both at Zumba sessions, anyway?
  4. MILF hunting?
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  5. Lady on the radio just said

    '' London just held the Olympics ''

    '' Hull just held a Zumba class you can smoke in ''

    Well it made I smile.

  6. Come on...it's obvious - to see the birds on the poster dancing with burning newspapers clenched between their cheeks (butt).

    Do get with the programme.

  7. Charity 'zumbathon'. I only agreed to it because I thought I'd meet birds who didn't have their own tidal pull. How wrong I was.
  8. More to the point, why weren't you? All those sweaty clams and wobbly tits jumping about to rhythmic tunes. I'm thinking about having a go myself. Apparently blokes are allowed in as long as they dance about. So, Dad dancing for me whilst ogling the bottom of the bird in front. Sounds like a plan to me!

    ...followed by beer, presumably.
  9. I was going to crack the 'Barnsley Zumba' class joke... Oh go on then.
    "OK girls, hands on thighs"
    Cue loads of fat northern birds falling over each other because they can't see a thing. Typical Friday night in Keighley if you ask me.
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  10. I suppose. There's usually too much of a queue at Gregg's and they tend to get crabby if you seat yourself a bit too close to their Big Mac Meal(s), so yeah, get 'em while they're out of their natural environment.
  11. Took me a while but I got it in the end.
  12. Perhaps one of the more annnoying fitness fads for women* . Generally its the larger lady who likes a bit of zumba , 6 months later , still a salad dodging hippo .

    * Obviously this doesn't include Bootcamp run by a mincing civvy in combats with dogtags or indeed hearing how hard Bootcamp was . Fuck off and die you shower of cunts .

    Thought i'd add , one of the instructors in my gym yesterday was wearing a dark green t shirt with SAS on the back . On closer inspection it stood for Strength and Stamina , one of their chad courses . It gave me that feeling like when you see a baby with pierced ears
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  13. Zumba......is for cunts, south african president...my arrse
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  14. I said pierced ears not labia , fool
  15. Jesus, how tight was the babygro?