Zuma - You British think Africans are barbaric

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Today´s Times
    Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa, has given a scathing interview about British condescension and colonialism hours before the start of his three day state visit to the UK today.

    The head of state made his remarks - likely to play well with his domestic audience - in an interview with South Africa’s Independent newspaper group yesterday shortly before he flew to Britain.

    It is understood that Mr Zuma was responding to discussion in the UK media of his five marriages, three current wives and 20 children in and out of wedlock. He has already made testy remarks at the World Economic Forum last month when an interviewer quizzed him at a seminar about whether his polygamy was "symbolically a great step backward" and unfair to women.

    “When the British came to our country they said everything we did was barbaric, was wrong, inferior in whatever way," Mr Zuma told the Independent.

  2. Jacob and good old Joe Modise were guests of the UK aerospace industry at a Farnborough in the early nineties. I expect he'll be looking forward to this trip too although this one is less likely to result in a big bank deposit in his favour...
  3. Of course, now that we've left them to their independence their culture has progressed in leaps and bounds, far surpassing ours.

    Oh, hold on, it hasn't. My mistake.
  4. When heads of state come out with huge generalisations like that - especially about a country where some of the world's leading culturally-sensitive NGOs and academic institutions are based - you'll forgive us, Mr Zuma, for not taking you particularly seriously (and the number of wives you have has nothing to do with it).

    Always interesting that elements in parts of the developing world can rail against Western decadence but to respond with criticism in kind is neo-colonial and racist...
  5. I wonder why?? Stupid cnut :x When I served in C. Africa in the 60's we had cases of cannibalism, both for religious & nutritional purposes, witchcraft, ritual murder and inter tribal fights in the various towns I was stationed in! Since we left I have seen sub saharan africa suffer civil wars, coups, counter coups, genocide, massive corruption & in some areas slave trading and a descent into the chaos subsaharan Africa was in before colonialism!
    We colonialist might not have been perfect but we did try in the main to stamp out these practices and let people of ALL races live a safe life, free from these scourges!
  6. Zuma just proves that Africa is beyond help.
  7. A Soweto necklace isn't barbaric?
    Uncle Bob's gang violence isn't barbaric?
  8. Africa may or may not be barbaric.
    but zuma's an ignorant crook who would embarrass a London council.
    Well apart from tower hamlets obviously :twisted:

    south africa's not doomed but its not looking good. getting an oppostion party to the ANC who not tribably based would help but can't see it happening
  9. A friend of mine had a woman who worked as a cleaner whosedaughter was taken ill, and so she took her to the local witch doctor. His diagnosis was that she was possessed, and part of the treatment involved gouging the child's eyes out.

    So yes, on that basis, I'd say barbaric.
  10. And we were right then and still are today. Its not racism, its not even really criticism, its just an observation.
  11. “When the British came to our country they said everything we did was barbaric, was wrong, inferior in whatever way,"

    ...and your point being?

    They have made a big play of RSA being the probable cradle of mankind, where humans first began. Well some of us have moved on since then and it isnt whiteys fault.
  12. Many Africans are barbaric. Whats his point?
  13. No we don't think all africans are barbaric - just the likes of Zuma and co
  14. This is a man who thinks you can stop yourself getting AIDS by having a shower after sex.

    Face it, Africa is a lost cause. Stable democracies like Ghana, where a great deal of the population still live in poverty and the establishment are corrupt (but not bad by African standards) is the best you'll get.