Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bottleosmoke, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. I am, like many others watching Zulu on ITV for the 100th time.
    A cracking film but not entirely accurate................But can anyone guess at the medals worn by CSgt Bourne?
    Sad question I know but it intrigues me as he seems to be the only veteran.
  2. I dont have the foggyest the film however is bril.
  3. " Zulus, thousands of 'em!"

    Got to love this film! Making everyone at work watch it, oh the power of having the sky remote!! :)
  4. they certainly dont make then like that anymore!
    Films or men!

    Making the young BoS watch it.

    Get some Mr Chard!
  5. It's incredibly sad I know, but like many I have considered if the fuzzies would even have got close if there'd been a couple of gpmgs and 5.56...

    A cracking film, proper holdiay time viewing and great to impose on family/friends/collegues
  6. Very entertaining film, however (sadly) the more I've read on the subject, the less accurate the film appears.
  7. Yeah i know but the Rorkes drift society recognize it as a cracker too which is good enough for me..............Even if they were a Warwickshire Regt at the time and men of Harlech hadnt even been written!
  8. these days the 'fuzzies' have AK's, RPG's and mortar.

    still a cracking movie:)
    oooo, the good bits on! the volley fire!!! :D

    heres the real story > http://www.rorkesdriftvc.com/
  9. HMV had a box set in their sale. Zulu, Italian Job and Alfie. Awesome, and it was only £10 I think.

    Why us?

  10. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good film. Compared to efforts by Mel Gibson the film is about as authentic as they come ;)

    I too have read on the subject, and the portrayal of officers, where the rifles + zulus came from and the numbers are all just a wee bit off (the zulus involved at rorke's drift couldn't have been at Islandwhana, so the rifles also could not have been taken from the dead there etc etc)

    Still a cracking film :D
  11. Some confusion has arisen over the number of VCs awarded for Rorke's Drift; there seems to be a belief that more VCs were awarded at Rorke's Drift than any other battle. In terms of numbers of VCs awarded for any one battle, Rorke's Drift is fifth in the league - but top of the number awarded to any one regiment for any one battle. There were 19 VCs awarded for Inkerman on the 5th Nov 1854; 20 for Great Redan 18th June 1855; 12 for Great Redan 12th Sept 1855; 17 for Sikandar Dagh 16th Nov 1857 and 11 for Rorke's Drift 1879, seven of which went to the 24th Regiment, (awards spread out over 14 months).

    Still, bloody good effort!!
  12. Men of Harlech was written long before this in the late C18, but had different lyrics and referred to the battle of Harlech in the early C15 so the lyrics were very different. There are a couple of different versions but the Zulu version is the most popular and is sung before Welsh football internationals at the Millennium Stadium.

    Edited for mong spelling.
  13. That's not very sporting, even the spears made us think twice! Why can't the fuzzies still be armed with dry grass and poor personal hygiene?
  14. Go Hooky............"i made a soldier of ya"
  15. I do aplogise.