Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BFG 9000, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. Great find, order placed with Amazon due to their free delivery over £x. (added a few books to my cart too.)
  2. Fair one, although the £3.49 price is with FREE carriage.
  3. Gone up to £5.49 .........
  4. I believe this is now an insert for the TAM...its under the section on commanding infantry :)
  5. DVD disadvantege: Less appreciation for when the film occasionally is on TV.
    DVD advantage: Put on when pissed up and hacked off arguing the toss with your RAF colleagues!
  6. Surely this should be in the RLC forum?

    After all, historical accounts suggest that Commissary Dalton had rather more to do with leading the defence than Lts Chard & Bromhead.
  7. Not sure on that matter....... however he was caught during the battle in a compromising position with a young welsh lad and a member of the herd...

  8. Read all about it here. Great site


  9. :)

    The RAF won the Battle of Britain, but you dont see that posted about in the Sapper forum..