Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by shaka, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. 22nd 23rd January anniversary of the defence of Rorkes Drift. DVD of ZULU ready to go.
  2. AAGF


    Watch out for the Zulu wearing a wrist watch during one of the charges ...
  3. Joined up exactly 100 years to the day in 1979!
  4. Three cheers for John Chard VC Royal Engineer :)
  5. Colour Sergeant Bourne: It's a miracle.

    Lieutenant John Chard: If it's a miracle, Colour Sergeant, it's a short chamber Boxer Henry point 45 caliber miracle.

    Colour Sergeant Bourne: And a bayonet, sir, with some guts behind.
  6. I visited Rorkes Drift and Isandlwana last month whilst on holiday in South Africa. Well worth going to if you have the chance.

  7. One day, definately. But for now, I'll settle with sending the kids to their rooms and the wife to the kitchen so I can have my peace with the film on, perfect Sunday afternoon
  8. I am planning on watching Zulu Dawn first then Zulu.
  9. Colour Sgt Bourne,ended his career as the CO of the School of Musketry at Hythe in Kent.

    Assistant Commisary Dalton,was eventually awarded his VC,approx 12 months after Chard,and Bromhead.

    His citation in the London Gazette of 17 November 1879 reads:

    For his conspicuous gallantry during the attack on Rorke's Drift post by the Zulus on the night of the 22nd January 1879, when he actively superintended the work of the defence, and was amongst the foremost of those who received the first attack at the corner of the hospital, where the deadliness of his fire did great execution, and the mad rush of the Zulus met with its first check, and where, by his cool courage, he saved the life of a man of the Army Hospital Corps, by shooting the Zulu who having seized the muzzle of the man's rifle, was in the act of assuaging him. This officer, to whose energy much of the defence of the place was due, was severely wounded during the contest, but still continued to give the same example of cool courage.

    Dalton was not originally named among the VC recipients, eventually receiving his VC from General Hugh Clifford, VC at a special parade at Fort Napier on 16 January 1880.

    Most historians credit Dalton, rather than the relatively inexperienced Chard or Bromhead, for initiating the defence at Rorke's Drift.

    Indeed after presenting Chard with his VC,Gen.Wolsely had written "I presented Maj.Chard RE with his Victoria Cross:a more uninteresting or stupid looking fellow I never saw. Woods tells me he is a most useless officer,fit for nothing. I hear in camp that the man who worked hardest at Rourke's Drift Post was the Commissariat Officer who has not been rewarded at all".

    So the film is a load of bollocks,and was produced as a vehicle for Stanley Baker ;-) who just happened to be one of the co-producers,and was also a Welshman,so there you go.8)
  10. If memory serves, Major Chard died penniless in Rhodesia. When serving with 5 Sqn RE when in Iserlohn we used to have a Rorkes Drift weekend, basically and excuse for a piss up.
  11. Excellent film - and one of my default 'back from the pub' movies (along with The Wild Geese, Dogs of War and He Who Dares Rodney) - but riddled with inaccuracies. Zulu Dawn is far superior. I'd like to think that someone like Spielberg could remake it and capture the essence of the terrifying ordeal it was... without Tom Hanks and Germans. Some of those boys were PTSD'd to buggery for years after. The stuff of nightmares.

    Zulu 1000 - ARRSEpedia
  12. He he he. I went on the Lions Tour to SA in 1997. After the Lions won the first test and the Sarfies were blown away by the level of support for the Lions, they felt they needed something to give the Springboks a boost for the second test in Durban. They got hundreds of Zulu dancers out on the pitch beforehand beating their shields with their spears.

    And from the thousands of Lions fans in the South stand, "Men of Harlech" started up and drowned out the whole thing. I'm not Welsh, but by **** the hairs were standing up on my neck!