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Zulu - Ivor Emmanuel dies

Googling his biography doesn't bring much up but he must have done his time unless excused for some reason.

Still a great part of one of the last great British films that showed the Britsh soldier at his best.

'Zulu's sir, thousands of em!' :D
Wele goelcerth wen yn fflamio,
a thafodau tân yn bloeddio;
Ar i'r dewrion ddod i daro,
unwaith eto'n un

Bwyso i mewn dangnefedd

& for the heathens amongst us

Men of Harlech, march to glory,
Victory is hov'ring o'er ye,
Bright-eyed freedom stands before ye,
Hear ye not her call?

Rest in peace
the_boy_syrup said:
Caine was in Korea
Read some where he still can't stand the smell of chinese food after his platoon was cut of and surrounded by the Chinese army

Sing along at the back :)

My Bad! :oops:

Agree with comments about the film; a classic which I still enjoy watching today.

"The British Army does'nt like more than one disastor in a week. Looks bad in the newspapers, and upsets civilians over their breakfast."

Sgt: "What the Hell are you doing?!"

Taff: "I was just - "

Sgt: "Shut up!"
toomanylatenights said:
caine is too young to have served in korea

he did national service in malaya !
Taken from Michael Caines webpage

After the war, the British Government started a scheme in which every 18 yr old boy learned to defend his country for 2 years, they called it National Service and in 1951 Michael was to join the Queens Royal Regiment and the Royal Fusiliers and serve in Germany and Korea.
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